Who we are

We are a group of talented architects and interior designers that are passionate about innovation through design.

Our mission is to create a place that serves generations; where people will laugh, cry, heal, and grow.

We believe our inspirational and creative solutions will make a better life for the city we live in and the world we love.

Expertise in Retail Renovation

TM Design has more than 10 years’ design and construction experience in retail planning and interior circulation improvement.

Renovation projects can be complex and challenging when it comes to improving circulation, upgrading quality, creating key features, and revitalizing spaces.

Therefore a deep knowledge of retail trends, positioning, and operational management is required to maximize an investment.

How we do it

Starting from retail planning we analyses circulation, relationships between entrants, the atrium, anchor tenants, and the external internal spaces to provide creative and effective solutions.

Our goal is to maximum footfall, increase staying time, and enhance the shopper experience through building featured spaces and improving internal and external circulation.

TM Design provides creative solutions that regenerate shopping malls to better serve the local society and provide a greater return on investment for the owner or developer.

Service Scope
  • Programming
  • Pre-design / Planning
  • Planning & Coordination
  • Architectural Design
  • Restoration & Preservation
  • Construction Administration
  • Pre-design
  • Programming
  • Space Planning
  • Interior design
  • Colour & material coordination
  • Furniture selection & specifications
  • Equipment planning
  • Graphics and signage
  • Artwork program