Tianjin Shopping Mall Renovation

Inspired by the uniqueness of this urban high density site, TM Design approached the planning and design from both aneighbourhood and metropolitan level. The character of this site gradually changes from the North, which is a dense urban landscape to the South which faces and connects to an important natural park. The design and planning approach responds to this transition creating significant spaces to engage the public that leverage the unique features of this site.

TM Design transforms this existing commercial “box” built more than a decade ago into a series of expressed public spaces including a double floor 15-meter-tall glass box to create a city scale entrant on North with a clear view of the indoor retail environment,  a rotating glass box to define the main atrium in the Center of the West facade to open up the commercial activity to the main circulation street and an operable glass facade addressing a pedestrian and activity plaza on the South facade directly connecting to the natural park visually and physically allowing for indoor and outdoor food and entertainment to enjoy the views and southern exposure. Solid and transparent materials are interwoven to show the changes from urban texture to the park and nature. TM Design also managed to keep a large percentage of the original aluminium panels to both achieve the client’s vision and minimize the construction budget.



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